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Today I was listening to ABC morning program and an interview with good old KellyAnn Conway. What the hell happened to that woman? She has been locked away and they forgot to throw away the key?
She did a great job of deflecting questions, talking over the host, and changing the subject.
It was one ugly interview to say the least.
Anyone watch that?

By Akfishlady8
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Can't even bear to look at that witch.

Condor5 Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

She must be a graduate of trumpers (how to tell lies and believe they are true school) She is just one of the pond scum he got from draining the swamp.

Marine Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

Paid to lie..bluster...deflect..probably got a Masters in it from Trump College...

Hitchens Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

Conned her way be onto tv again. why any news organization would allow her in front of their cameras is beyond me..... they got what they should have expected and knew they were going to get the whole time.

hankster Level 9 Aug 13, 2018

@Akfishlady but there's no entertainment value. no informative value. pretty much worthless. this woman is a hag.


Can’t get any of your fun TV programmes on my TV here. I guess I am missing out seeing that beauty first thing in the morning...not!!


she is so can see the evil eating away at her body from within

Xena Level 6 Aug 13, 2018

She looks ghastly! Like her halloween face already.

Wow... it really is sad, and in most cases very ironic how you folks have the audacity to talk about how someone looks. ?

@Captain_Feelgood I haven't seen bags like that since I last took a vacation.

Pffftt... I suggest you and @Mortal look in a mirror..

@Captain_Feelgood I do look the mirror every damn day. I see a tired plain 60 year old female. I am not one of the beautiful people and I am happy with that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your corpulent, flabby orange blow hole Twittler in Chief seems to have a preference for the beautiful people and is positively lethal to the less advantaged. Why he chose KellyAnn I have no idea, but makes me wonder who or what she knows. If you don't like reading what I post you are very welcome to block me.

@HippieChick58 Haha.. oh, l don't mind reading what you post, that much. lt reminds me why l'm not a liberal. The hypocrisy is just too much to pass by sometimes is all.. So, fat shaming is now perfectly okay with you folks, huh? Interesting.. l'll keep that in mind.


On the plus side, we wouldn't have Kate McKinnon's impression if it wasn't for her.

Secretguy Level 7 Aug 13, 2018

Oh that poor woman. Lying for Trump really did a number on her.

Paul4747 Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

She is the ugly side of politics from the outside to the inside.

Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 13, 2018

I think she's a very lovely, well spoken woman. Oops time to get back to the home, they lock me in the closet for the night if I'm late and then no Fruit Loops for breakfast.


I cannot watch that women! She makes insanity desirable for ME! How she developed her skill is beyond me? I always get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I watch someone try to get a straight answer from her! AND, these are the types occupying our WhiteHouse! Lol

That reminds me of one of my favorite sayings using the feminine pronoun.

Normally she's insane, but she has lucid moments when she's merely stupid!


She's one I have a real hard time watching.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

I avoid her like the plague. All the lying is too much.

bingst Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

She has aged. Looks like a zlmbie in that picture. I don't have TV or cable. So Trvor Noah corbert,and the late night shows are my news. And NPR on the radio in my car

gigihein Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

@Akfishlady i have a roku. I thought I had to subscribe

@Akfishlady I will check that out.


I can't watch her at all, and I've been phasing out shows that interview her.

Hear that, Cuomo!

Buddha Level 7 Aug 13, 2018

Me, too.


Y'all think they slippin crack & redbull into her daily ration of oats & Maddog 20/20? Pretty sure her salt licks got a batch of bad molly too.


No, I was just wondering if the regime had had to return her to the sarcophagus to restore her.

JimG Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

You should get extra points for the Stargate reference. smile007.gif

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