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Does it irritate the crap out of anyone else when polling places are in a church? I have to go to Christ the King Lutheran church tomorrow.

Marcie1974 8 Aug 13

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Might be the only useful thing they ever do! And considering how much they save not having to pay taxes, seems only right that they provide some sort of public service or benefit. Fortunately, my voting station is just an activity building on the church property and not decorated with all the Christian tchotchkes.

dkp93 Level 7 Aug 13, 2018

Didn't think about the tax angle of it, that makes me feel better.


Seems like a clear violation of separation of church and state.

Agreed. Plus, unless it's a wedding or funeral, I REALLY don't like setting foot into a flipping church.


It should be illegal. It would be if government was truly secular as the Founders intended.


My polling place used to be the basement of a Catholic church. I didn't care. Then it was the auditorium of a middle school. Now it's the civic center. Just so long as I can show up, sign in and vote I really don't care where they hold the election.


No makes no difference to me


yes mine is always at the 2nd baptist down the street. is there another meaning to separation of church and state i don't know about?

they might be getting paid to host. And they aren't obligated to pay taxes is what.


nah its just a building



As long as no one tries to preach to me or get me to join the church, nope. I'm happy to have somewhere to vote.


I don’t mind. I just want to make sure my vote counts.


I don't have any spiritual or religious reverence for buildings. To me It's like going into a "haunted" house.

JimG Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

As I see it, as much as the church in some cases is allowed to interfere with matters of the state, the least they can do is host a polling place or two.


My problem with using churches is that the ones selected in my area are nowhere near buslines. That means people without their own vehicles are forced to walk great distances (in the awful Phoenix heat), or beg a ride from someone. Just another way to disenfranchise voters.


Almost like big brother..and God are watching your every move ?


churches are often the only building in a community that is large enough to handle an election. it's a matter of convenience

It’s summer and there are plenty of empty schools in the city

@Marcie1974 elections aren't always held in the summer


It's a bit annoying, but that's about it.


Think of it as a museum.


It's a building - it's better than standing out in the rain - no one is asking you to throw "holy" water at your face or pray.


Mainly just because of the smell


No. It's one of the few places that has the space for the number of people coming in and out and it's not like they have anything else going on on a Tuesday

GwenC Level 7 Aug 13, 2018

It’s summer, most schools are empty


I've never had to do that. I would greatly bother me.


Wouldn't bother me, unless it is a Mosque.

The building itself is neutral. The ideology practiced within is cruel, oppressive, deceptive, theocratic and totalitarian. It is the ideology which bothers me.

@OlderMusicGeek There is only one Islam, defined by the Qur'an and example of Muhammad.

@OlderMusicGeek has deleted his comments and left the building. I suspect that he is a supporter of the ersatz "religion of peace".


It's just a building. Don't assign things to it. While I'm a non-theist, I enjoy the art while I'm in there -- not that I'd take home any of it. It just gives me something to do while waiting for whatever.


I get to vote at a public school. What irritates me is the school building gets used by one of those thighble bumping get-rich-quick-through-jebus cult congregations for their financial services on Sundays.


I wasn't an atheist the last time I voted. Since, my polling also in a church, I will not to thrilled to step into one to vote this time.


I've been looking for a place to hold meetings for my art group but um looking for someplace free. I refuse to use a church facility.

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