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As a Humanist Wedding Officiant performing marriages in Hawaii, it's interesting and encouraging to see statistics showing Humanist Weddings outnumbering Religious Weddings in Scotland. []

Julie808 8 Aug 13

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humanist funerals are big here to my dad had one 14 yrs ago the officiant was booked solid

Yep, I also perform humanist funerals and ash scatterings, here in Hawaii. Used to be people would leave instructions for no funeral service, because they didn't want a religious service, and didn't realize there are secular options by using a funeral celebrant. That's why I got into the business actually... my siblings arranged a religious funeral for my mom against her wishes which she had stated a secular service at the funeral home. Made me mad, so I became a secular celebrant for others.


Religious ceremonies give me the creeps.



For the land of proddy dogs and papists it is surprising but perhaps the fact that the English parliament wanted to frack them to hell has had meritorious effect?

only 23% of scots claim a religion and even that is disputed as being on the high side by the humanist society i personally know no one that claims a religion and in my 52 yrs think i have been friends with 2 people who claimed a religion but neither went as far as attending church

@weeman How many members are there of the Masonic Lodges in Scotland - they all have sworn to believe in a higher being.

@weeman Many also worship Mammon but I doubt that is listed in the survey/ statistics.

@FrayedBear well i believe the membership of lodges is in freefall i know my uncles lodge closed over 8 yrs ago due to membership falling into unsustainable numbers and worshiping money is a world issue not really a religious body


Yes, it certainly is!


I am adamant against a religious funeral in any type of church. If the venue were larger (though I cannot imagine why) I would want mine to be in some sort of civic location, since serving the community has been my course. It only makes sense.

I need to modify my will to reflect this, and am going to have to look into this "secular celebrant" angle. Sounds legit.

I need to modify my will too. Good reminder.


I am a Marriage Celebrant in Australia and we cover more than 70% of marriages each year.


I've been considering this as a retirement activity. In Hawaii, did you need to get a notary public cert, or how did you go about making it "official?" Thanks so much!!!

In Hawaii, I had to register as a humanist minister, and my marriage as recorded as "religious" although I focus solely on human values, not theistic values. The reason is that only marriages performed by judges can be recorded as "civil" even though many of the judges include religious verbiage.

Every state is different, I believe in your state of Florida, Notary Publics can solemnize marriages. Not sure about the registration requirements for marriage performers in states other than ones I've lived in.

It's a fun way to make a living! I spent a whole year just learning the ropes, collecting scripts and honing my ceremony style before hanging my shingle out to attract business. I had 4 weddings my first week and it never stopped for the first decade, until I learned to carve out some time for myself to avoid burnout.


Our wedding was a secular one.


We had a memorial service for my dad. It was heartfelt and really helped with closure. There was no religion to dilute it.

Yes, it's human feelings and grief that need to be addressed, not the religious recruitment often seen in religious funerals. I prefer a humanistic approach to funerals and memorials.


What's the difference between an humanists wedding and an religious wedding?

A humanistic wedding focuses on human values, rather than supernatural deities and biblical references. The spiritual references in a humanistic event are more poetic and naturalistic, even sometimes evoking the wonders of science, the beauty of literature, references to human feelings, etc.

The vows made in a humanistic wedding are secured by the couple's integrity in upholding those vows, not the stamp of approval of a supernatural deity.

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