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Ghosted again. For the last few weeks, I have been texting back and forth with a guy from this site. Seemed somewhat promising despite living very far apart. We seemed to have a lot in common and I enjoyed chatting with him. Daily good morning and good night texts and chatting throughout the day. Friday I heard nothing from him until late in the big deal. Saturday he seemed annoyed that I was working and couldn't just be on the phone with him all day. Sunday after work I went to meet my new baby nephew. He texted me while I was there, I told him what I was doing and that I would talk to him when I got home. Last message received Sunday evening was "Ok. Enjoy." I kept my word and texted when I got response. Sent a good morning text response. Still nothing as of today. Apparently it was wrong of me to not give him my undivided attention when he wanted it. So ghosted again.

By Iam4MY7
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That sucks about the time invested smile003.gif Maybe not much consolation but it's not impossible you missed a bullet. Clearly lacking communication skills.

If it makes you feel better at all. Someone once msg'd me "wanting to get to know you better if that's alright". After a polite reply on my part of "sure, how hot is it in Arizona right now", he blocked me as I was re-checking his profile ? . With that window still open saw he mentioned in basic questions being vegetarian. Nothing wrong with that however I DO say in my bio "incompatible with militant vegans".

So there's that! Oh man, the one man in the world poofed in an instant. ??

Hang in there.

Qualia Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

The distance factor can sometimes cause people to re-assess and back away. Or - who knows ?

evergreen Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

@Iam4MY Or it may have nothing to do with you at all. So many reasons people vanish.


That's pretty passive-aggressive. Just sayin'.


I'm so sorry this happened to you. It means everything about him & nothing about you. Unless he's fallen victim to some horrible accident or something.

Carin Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

Maybe he got hit by a Mack truck and in the hospital...

sellinger Level 7 Aug 14, 2018

That sucks, 4! It’s just this kind of thing that prevents me from trying to start messaging anyone I’m attracted to. People are way too scary.

Hermit Level 7 Aug 14, 2018

Hopefully you held on to your nudes.

@Iam4MY Whew.


Yech. It goes to show you what type of person he is.

bleurowz Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

uggghhh on the one hand that sucks on a more positive note at lest you found out hes a man child before commiting to meeting up i suppose im sure you will get a i lost my phone or my pc died message very shortly nothing to imaginative though but if you do it deff won't be his fault take care smile049.gif

weeman Level 7 Aug 14, 2018

Just keep smiling and stay out there.


I'm sorry you're going through it again.

BlueWave Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

It happens. I think I’ve been blocked by someone, with whom I had some nice, innocuous conversations. No idea why, but ultimately they are strangers and it is impossible to guess what is going on in their lives.

LB67 Level 7 Aug 14, 2018

I accidentally blocked someone while scrolling through message, at first I thought I was the one who'd been blocked.

@JimG wow. I did not know that was possible. I will have to check that out.

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