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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has released a grand jury report detailing sex abuse in the Catholic Church, naming over 300 accused clergymen.

The landmark grand jury investigation found more than 1,000 children had been abused by members of six dioceses in the state for the last 70 years.

Officials say the probe found systematic cover-ups by the church.

Michael67 6 Aug 14

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These are just the ones they found. The church is still covering up more abuses, and this is only in one state. An investigation of the rest of the world need to be conducted, and I am sure the number of abuses will increase exponentially. The United States has a small percentage of its population that are Catholics. Central America, South America and Europe have a bigger percentage of its population that are Catholics.The Vatican shipped a lot of those priests to Africa and Asia as Missionaries to those areas. The number of priest that have abused children in the rest of this country and the rest of the world could be off the scale, and the Vatican has all the data on those events and the Vatican is covering it up.


A shocking picture of physical abuse and mistreatment of children in countries in every corner of the world, ranging from corporal punishment in schools to forced prostitution, rape and mutilation, was revealed in a survey by the United Nations last night.

The report, requested by secretary general Kofi Annan four years ago, says international conventions on human rights for children have flatly failed to guarantee protections for the most vulnerable members of society. While abuse may be at its worst in the developing world, no country is guiltless, it says.


Pennsylvania priest recommended for Disney World job after sexual abuse allegations, grand jury report says


If we could research vatican archives, I think we would find that priests are promised little boy assholes in exchange for their service ???


Is this just recent or from 20 years ago? They found out back then pedifilia was rampant all over the world in the Catholic church. When the preist got caught moved to a different church somewhere else or a monistary were no children were avaible and pay off the victim to keep quiet. Its not just religion its cub/boy scouts, children sport legues and schools they hunt and groom children.


I know.
In view of decades of reported mass pedophilia in the Catholic Church, I think all parents who send their kids to church are enablers, and should be arrested along with the priests.


One one hand this is disturbing. However, I think anything that shows the sick side of this dysfunctional institution a very good thing. Religious apologists are having an increasingly harder time justifying this sort of activity. Also, it is not just the Catholic church but most other religion as well. []


A perp is a perp. The corporate church is just that: a big corporation running rings around law enforcement and thumbing their nose at the courts. Arrest 'em, try 'em, convict 'em, and throw them in jail.


A very sad thing to hear, and it pissed me off. The whole lot of them need lifetime prison sentences.


Despicable. And they think they are the world's moral authority. I suppose this isn't as bad as gay marriage by their standards, right? They must be opposed to abortion because it eliminates their future victims. It's a sick fucking enterprise, and this is just one goddam state.

dkp93 Level 8 Aug 14, 2018
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