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Question: When a scammer contacts you, is one of the first questions they ask about your previous relationships? Some days I'm kinda slow, but that just percolated to the top recently. Two guys, one incredibly good looking have PMd me recently, and that was one of the first questions. I don't really trust anyone incredibly good looking, we're talking movie star good looks. But the question, just out of line, intrusive. What is your take on this?

HippieChick58 9 Aug 15

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Whether they're scammers or not, asking about previous relationships up front, is out of line. But then people can ask anything they want, doesn't mean you have to give them an answer !

My experience was people asking for private email addresses, or phone numbers right away - even though we could communicate easily online. I cut 'em loose ! .


I have to change my profile pic then. It must be my incredible, movie star good looks must be keeping the ladies away. Thanks for the info. Lol.


If you suspect someone is a scammer, check his photo on Google Image Search. Or Google the first few sentences of his profile.

Often the person is on Scammer Buster websites.

Through online dating, I have been approached by 38 Nigerian scammers. Scammers work in warehouses with phones and computers. They steal photos from modeling websites and profiles from dating websites.

Scammers are laughably easy to spot:

  1. Poor command of the English language. Rarely capitalizes "i."

  2. Calls you "an angel from heaven" and says he fell in love with you immediately.

  3. Small photo that is too handsome/beautiful.

  4. Same sob story: his wife died in a fiery car crash or ran off with his best friend, often leaving him to raise a young child alone.

  5. Pressures you to immediately switch to Yahoo instant messaging.

  6. Claim to be an American citizen and born in Europe.

  7. Says he lives in a large city in your state. In my case, Seattle.

  8. Temporarily working in oil fields of North Africa as an engineer or missionary.

He keeps up the romantic pressure until SURPRISE...

Says was robbed at the bus depot/train station/airport. Pressures you to immediately wire $5,000 so he can fly home to be in your arms. Or claims his child needs emergency surgery.

They keep it up you run out of money.

None got a penny out of me. I reported and blocked them.


Depends on what they are asking about your previous relationships.


I don't know if the one that contacted me is a scammer or not but he wanted me to arrange for him to accompany me to Mexico. Uhhhhh, why in the hell would I do that???


Are you talking specifically about "dating" sites? Or...?

yes, almost any dating site, and I recently have gotten it here.

@HippieChick58 you know, I had a couple of young women, and I mean way too young for me, contact me through FB Message a couple years sgo. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind why they were contacting me, $$. But, I played along for awhile just to see where it would go. One said she was "on business" in Africa somewhere, the other was in either N. Mexico, or Arizona, maybe Texas. Anyway, I repeatedly made it clear that I was a much older man, and suggested they tell me just what they wanted. One came outright and said she needed $$ for tampons, or some such silly thing; the other, when I got specific about exactly where she was, sent me a newspaper from the region, problem was, it was phony.


I don’t remember messaging you ?

I think I'd remember you.

@HippieChick58 hahahahaha I thought you already did 😛

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