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Have you notice through out history the envading conquaring force forces their religion onto their conquest! Spanish forced the Mexicans and through out central America to convert or die to Chatholic, The people of eroupe force native Americans to convert to some sort of Christitanity along with the slaves brought over. How can they stay with any of these religions being them forced on them from invading force. It did not work during the cruasade because they lost that war on religion!

benhmiller 7 Aug 15

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It is said that the last leader of the natives who refused to convert under the sword of the men of columbus is reputed to have said when told he would not go to heaven unless he converted that if the christians were in heaven, he would prefer to die and not be with them.


I would say that for the Mexicans (or Aztecs) the forced conversion from their religion, which required human sacrifice, to Christianity was à la longue an improvement.
By the way... it is not a specialty of religions to be forced on those who were conquered. Any culture that conquers a neighbor by force foists its belief system on the subdued peoples. Look at the Soviets who forced Socialism down the throat of all the unlucky peoples they dominated.

christian's claims they don't beleive in sacrifices but in their book they were to bring animals in tribute and then they killed those who worked on the sabath which seems to me they were sacrifices


I'm no expert on this stuff but it seems very similar to the way that some invading forces abolished religion and made it a crime. this is not a religion issue this is a power issue.


How to steal, rape and kill and get God's love in the process. Now that's a win-win situation!


Goes back before the Crusades-Christians killing Jews and Muslims in the name of god.


You are just looking at from a purely Christian perspective.

The American Indians believed a whole bunch of nonsense before the Europeans arrived. They just replaced the pagan nonsense with the Christian nonsense.

Same story with the Crusades. It was just a battle between Christian nonsense and a slightly different form of Islamic nonsense. The old testament stories for both religions are almost identical. One group, the Muslims, beat the other group, the Christians, but in the end most of the people in the Middle East believe a bunch of fairy tales that are very similar to the Christian fairy tales.

BD66 Level 7 Aug 15, 2018

you missed my point the religions were forced on those who were conquared. It was take it or die. Like slavery you don't want to be a slave then we kill you.


Now it's the muslim's turn ! Haha


Religion has been the justification for murder, mayhem, and genocide for centuries, if not millenia. That, and the appropriation of resources. That is humanity's dark side.

its in the bible to wipe out entire cities towns or settlements not just one religion but I would 99% of them

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