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I deeply believe that there is no guiding Force or Purpose in life -- only what you make out of it. It makes me want to scream when someone says something wasn't meant to be. I found that I felt free when I realized that stuff just happens. I no longer had to figure out what the universe was telling me. Your thoughts?

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koko314 3 Aug 15

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What drives me nuts is when people say that everything happens for a reason. I saw this on fb. I would add another reason--human stupidity.


Chaos theory. Every action and choice we make has repercussions way beyond what we are aware of and that we will never know of.


Which universe? (-:


I agree.


Karma irks me. "what comes around goes around" How bloody passive is that? I'm not waiting around for some superstitious karma. I'll take my revenge....swift and deadly. So watch out!!!!!


I have come across theories based on the multiverse interpretation of quantum physics that, since everything that can happen must happen, thus forming different universes to accommodate all the possible events... (deep breath)... it might be possible to consciously or unconsciously steer oneself to the universe of one's choice. Prayers, affirmations, and magic are just ways of programming our trip through the multiverse and causing ourselves to go where we desire.
I'm not saying there's a particle of evidence or veracity to any of this, but it would be groovy to discover some way of steering into a different eigenstate. The one where I'm a college professor, let's try that one for a start.


I don't agree with any of those choices. I don't believe we are guided in a predestined way. I also don't think its random. I think there is a life force/energy/flow that if you tap into you get where you need to go. Its like the difference between battling the current and trying to paddle upstream or sideways vs turning around and letting the current take you. But you have control in deciding when to stop, turn, or what have you.

My favorite part of this comment is, "or what have you."

do you have any evidence for this hypothesis or is it based on faith?


It's all US. We decide what happens in our lives.


Life is what happens when you make other plans

This ^


Is there not hubris in thinking you know anything absolutely?

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