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We're sad Aretha Franklin has died. I'm sad people on are still using RIP. Think about it and let go of your religious ideas. She's dead, She's not resting. And there is no peace she's experiencing. We appreciate what she gave us, we loved her music - there are a million things you could say to honour her memory - RIP is not one of them.

GoldenDoll 7 Aug 16

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Perhaps some agnostics hold the belief in an energy source often referred to as a soul. But do not hold a belief in a supreme being or beings & the organizations surrounding them. RIP might hold that her soul will not wander aimlessly as unrested after death. Not everyone believes as you.


I don’t feel that RIP is religious. However I don’t mind Athiests saying, OMG, or god dammit.. these are just platitudes and common sayings.


This is what's bugging you? Wow...I want your life.


I for one did not say RIP. I said she will be missed. However I have no problem with RIP. One of the definitions of the word peace is "freedom from disturbance". In a postmortem context I understand that to mean her remains will be undisturbed because there is no other way to disturb her now. Therefore RIP is a respectful and noble wish. There is no religion in that definition.


Does "rest" have a religious connotation for you?


I'm sad this post exists.


As an atheist I don't think it's much different than saying OMG and having it be pretty much just an expression, which btw I've experienced believers getting pissed off about that one.
I've one friend who is freaky about "goddammit" flying out of my mouth. Deffo doesn't mean I believe in god. Vestige of another time, like ghost limb syndrome.

Speaking of not resting & Arethra (well dang, I would hope that's a luxury of being dead, no more worries, "rest in a box if you will" ) there is a story that sticks with me about her told to me by a local mid century modern furniture dealer & her treatment of those who would rent furniture out to her. Without going into detail he was definitely not a fan. ?


This is, not some people here allow the possibility of some peaceful rest after life. There is no incongruity in RIP here.


Interesting. Did not think of that as being religious


I'm not sure I consider RIP a religious reference, though I am sure religious people may. But for many, including myself, we look at death as a respite from the trials and tribulations of life, not as the beginning of a new journey into the promised land LOL! Like a dreamless sleep is peaceful. One of my current meds has been making me dream nightly, not nightmares but exhausting dreams anyway. I would love to rest in peace at night. And don't fear the other, since that ends any problems I may have anyway.

Honestly I never thought of it as religious either. I just looked it as they are no longer here dealing with whatever led up to their demise.

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