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Relationships... you gotta laugh! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

BeeHappy 9 Aug 17

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The relationship between men and women is a very interesting process. It is full of different emotions, feelings, and experiences. All people's lives are built on relationships: love, friendship, and collegiality. Love relationships bring the most vivid emotions, especially for a woman. Why do girls like to discuss their relationships and tell their girlfriends about their problems? Perhaps they are looking for support and advice. Women often sit on various forums and discuss their relationships with strangers. Instead of such forums, I prefer Here I can find information on any topic that concerns women's lives.


My pug also takes up a large percentage of the bed. If I move for more space he just follows me. Although sometimes, for a change, he sleeps on the pillow with his chin resting on my head.

Sometimes one of the cats joins in and I am pinned either side.

It’s funny, because when I share a bed with a man I can’t stand all that going to sleep snuggled up stuff; i’m a fidget and I need my space, I’m just incapable of disturbing the pets when they are cutely snuggling me.

Likewise, I try not to disturb my guys (2 male Shih Tzus), but sometimes I just have to slide one or the other over a bit; I always get a look like, "Hey, what're you doing"?


I've seen/heard that before. Still cracks me up. Probably because there's a lot of truth in it. ?


The bed map indicates that she loves him!


Must have been drawn by a frustrated and non-assertive male.


well, to begin with, I sleep on the right hand side of the bed. I have for more than 25 years. Second of all, that buffer zone might need to be bigger. I have lots and lots of pillows on my bed. Most of them aren't used all night long. I read in bed, gotta have something to prop the book up. I have slept alone so long I'm not sure I'll be able to adjust, but I will give it a good try when the situation presents itself.


Even a new mattress does not abate her nightly migration.




I'm a chef so the first skit is a non issue. I'm also heavy, good luck pushing me off the bed!


Compromise makes a very nice marriage I am going on 60 years

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