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Just call me archangel Mikey! My one talent is attracting lost souls or lost people. This morning I was running after work. I ran this huge hill and on the other side is a convenience store. I had drank a cup of coffee earlier and the slog up the hill and jog down the other side had gotten all excess fluids into my bladder. Walking up to the store was a young lady sitting on the curb. The store was very busy at 530 am as soon as I approached the front door she jumps up and runs over to me. Her take of wow was she had gotten in a fight with her friends out partying and they had dropped her off here. Her debit card was maxed out and couldn't get money from the teller machine to get a cab home.would I give her enough money to get home. I tell her I got to piss, ask me after I pre and you'll have a better chance of success, cause if I soil myself standing at the door to a bathroom I'm gonna be in a bad mood. After relieving my bladder. I explain to her I only have my insurance card in my sock in case I stroke out or am run over. She tells me of all the guys that have thought she was a prostitute and the "disgusting " things they wanted her to do, for cab fare home. Her attire was appropo for a club, but not for sitting on the curb at a Speedway gas station . So I tell her I'm going back to my car and work. I will come check on her after I get back. I come back and instead of a cab, we call Uber and she got home for 17.80$.
As I'm leaving she tells me I'm an angel and will pray for me. I say don't bother I'm an atheist, and a religious free agent. Her mouth dropped open and she was looking at me like I had asked her to perform some "disgusting " act. I tried to explain that atheists are people too, and don't really need the threat of eternal damnation to treat people the way we want to be treated. So after a bit more talk of our beliefs we parted ways. She gave me a hug and said I was still her Angel, I want to be archangel Mikey, cause he could kick some serious ass.
I'm holing my 20 dollar investment ( I bought her a sprite too) will pay off in more goodwill towards we atheists.
I hoping that my ability to attract the lost and penniless, that has plagued me I will out grow, but it seems to be getting worse. . Maybe when her friends are talking about how atheists are evil baby eaters and all round nefarious ne'er do well' s she might speak up for us a little now.

By Stevil8
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Gawd sent an atheist again! lol

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 17, 2018

You're good people,@Stevil


Don't you just want to tell her that you believe in people and not god but pass the goodwill along?

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