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Hypnosis changed my mind on religion and christianity. I had been a christian for 30 years. I was married to a woman who was a drug addict and Narcissist for 11 years. My religion taught me to hang in there pray for here and everything would be ok as long as i got her to go to a christian rehab that would take care of everything. Nope it didn't. I ended up having open heart surgery at 46 because of all the stress she had caused me. I went to church regularly and got a little better but the anger and hurt would not go away as much as I prayed. I had heard that hypnosis may be able to change and help you. Hypnosis is frowned upon by religion but I was at a point where I would try anything. One hypnosis session did me more good than 2 years of church. I was amazed and decided to start studying hypnotherapy. The more that I studied hypnosis the more that I realized that preachers use the same methods of manipulation that hypnotists use except that they use it to manipulate you into thinking what they are saying is real. Then I came to the realization that my thoughts and beliefs in Christianity was basically me self-hypnotizing myself into believing things and not researching or testing it to see if its truthful or not. For the first time in my life, I came with an open mind to see the reality of Christianity. When you see the contradictions of the bible from an open mind then it looks completely different. Instead of saying things like god works in mysterious way you say wtf was I thinking. That's bullshit. I never realized that god killed at least 2.8 million people in bible or that He wrote the Ten Commandments and one was Thou shalt not kill and right after he wrote that Moses killed thousands of people. Looking at the bible literally shocked me. How could there be passages in the bible about selling your daughter in slavery or if your son if unruly take him out of town and kill him. Most Christians cherry pick the good parts and somehow explain away the bad parts. I can no longer do that.

abyers1970 7 Aug 17

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I am sorry to hear about your earlier troubled times dealing with and trying to cope with your wife ‘s addiction. You don’t mention what happened to her or your marriage. I am sorry your health suffered so much due to the stress and hope you are in a better place health wise now. It was a very hard road you travelled before hypnotherapy brought you to reason. I fortunately never experienced religious indoctrination as a child and was raised in a freethinking family, but I know most of my friends have been brainwashed from birth. I no longer discuss their religious beliefs with them because it is always a circular argument that always comes down to having blind faith. I don’t understand how otherwise highly intelligent people can believe so fervently and without any credulity, but I think it is so deeply ingrained in them not to question it that they have lost the ability to look at it critically. I can see how only hypnosis could reach deep into their subconscious and bring out these doubts which they have been trained to suppress.


I had one hypnosis session back in the 80's. I quit smoking afterwards. Immediately.. It worked for me

twill Level 7 Aug 18, 2018

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