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As I was searching through the storage room today, I found my children's artwork, and I got a bit nostalgic. Several years ago, when my ex and I were still sharing custody (a week with me, a week with dad and so on), I had a hard time being alone. I wasn't used to it. I've always had a big family, and my kids not being there took some getting used to. So I used their art to entertain myself. LOL 🙂

Here is one such photo story:

In a tiny house, there once lived an artist. He wasn't always there but when he was he would create. He knew his mother missed him, so he decided to make her a friend.

Stacey48 8 Aug 19

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Absolutely wonderful!


Very creative! Both the artwork and the story!


Brilliant, thanks for sharing those scenes. What an interesting and positive way to deal with those feelings.. Strange how an art class assignment can turn into a parent's treasure. Both my daughters were/ are quite artistic, and though thousands of miles away, I’m surrounded by it. Often, though, I’ll simply cry 😟

Varn Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

That was simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing.




Cute. Nostalgia and remembrances are sometimes difficult, sometimes bittersweet, and sometimes uplifting. I hope yours was the latet.


That was nice. I guess some people don't get lonely. For those of us that do, it can be difficult.


That is fantastic

@Stacey48, I'm good, how have you been?

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