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What is something that overwhelms you?
We all get overcome by life from time to time. What really makes you stop in your tracks?

kensmile4u 8 Aug 19

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Myself. I find I stand in my own way a lot of the times. Whether it be nose deep in a project and can't see the forest for the trees, worrying about time, or complete lack of motivation, I always have to check myself. I'm also a creature of habit, so if I can't work something into my routine or something breaks said routine, I shut down.

Thx. That happens to me from time to time. Staying organized helps me be productive.


Too many stresses and I cease to function

Thx. I think we all have a stress limit. I also think it depends on the cause of the stress. For instance an issue with one of my kids will effect me more than any other issue.


Well to bring up something completely current I am incredibly hyper I'm bipolar and I just broke my foot and the one way I dealt with my bipolar disorder was just to stay very busy and very active and exercise a lot and now I'm trapped in my chair 24/7 and I am practicing not losing my mind and going into either a bipolar depression or massive anxiety attacks but I have to admit I'm finding the whole experience a bit overwhelming at times

Here's to getting better! Just take the time to relax a bit. Maybe find something to do with your hands like building models or carving. And if you find yourself not being able to stop working out, do upper body bodyweight work that doesn't require your legs. Could probably even do KB presses and light club mobility work.

Sorry you are dealing with that. I hope you find a creative way to occupy your mind.

@Brandjango thanks appreciate the support

@Brandjango, @kensmile4u thanks

@Brandjango, @kensmile4u


Raw, Simple kindness. Ridiculous, superficial hatred that lays bare the depths of human cruelty.

Thx. Kindness inspires me. Extreme cruelty will overwhelm me.



Thx. Yes I get twisted on this issue from time to time. Especially when it's time to sleep. I'm a problem solver and it's hard to shut that shit off.


Being out in civilization where the noise & stress of being around people makes me highly anxious & it takes days for my brain to process the tsunami of fight, flight, freeze, chemicals flooding my brain. I become jumpy, nervous & frightened for no reason other than the feelings can not be turned off. Take a pill!

Thx. Sounds like you need to live on a ranch or a farm. I know a few people who don't like people.

@kensmile4u I have 4 acres in surrounded by ag land. Then the population grew around me by 35%. So I bought 35 acres in Colorado but need to build. Adds more frustration to my nerves. =0}

@Countrywoman Colorado is beautiful. I used to own a Condo in Aspen (Snowmass).


Life without my son, the nerve that the world has to go on existing, it bares down on me. The fact I have to continue to exist and the knowledge that my son doesn’t get to.

Thx my friend. Anything that has to do with my sons cuts me the deepest. There are no words to describe the length and depth of the despair and disruption I would feel if I lost one of them. As you know my sister lost her only son. I watched her walk across that long bridge of sighs and saw her slowly come to terms with it. You just described one of the resentments she felt. I'm certain I would feel the same if that happened to me. I hope you find someone to fill part of the void.

@kensmile4u I’m sure you would... and yeah, my words don’t do this justice


beauty of everyday heroes. unselfishness. beautiful days.

Thx. Why am I not surprised you listed all positives? You need to bottle and sell some of that optimism. Or better yet keep giving it away. 🙂

@kensmile4u I think a lot of us tend to see what we look for. it ain't costing me anything to give that away. ?


Witnessing senseless cruelty.

Thx. I'm sorry these must be difficult times for you. I have never seen a period in my life with so much rampant random senseless cruelty.


Someone being mean to me. I live a happy and well meaning life. So when someone is mean to me, it hurts. It always has. I have never been able to “toughen up” unless I am mean and to quote MeatLoaf “I won’t do that”.

Thx. Thanks for being you. IMO this world needs more "happy and well meaning" people. I hope you find some one who is kind and protective.


Seeing domestic violence in a movie or tv show, or hearing about it from news. After over 50 years of being free from it in my life, I get what I guess are PTSD flashback reactions...very unpleasant.

Thx. I'm sorry you went through that. I'm glad you got out of it. I agree that there are too many news incidents of people killing their whole family over a domestic issue.



Thx. I have friends, social activities, and music that keep me busy. But I know people who suffer from this.


My own thoughts and fears.

Thx. I've been through this once or twice in my life as well. I escape it by thinking it away.

@kensmile4u Learning how to deal with them. If I just do one small positive thing it seems to lower their intensity.


When my children are in pain.

Thx. Nothing effects me more than an issue with my children. I'm with you on this.

@kensmile4u I can honestly say, it hurts me worse than anything that happens to me personally. I can take my own pain but no theirs. And that still holds true and they are adults now.


psychotic episodes even though you get over them i am left with false memories that still appear real even though i know they are not

Thx. I'm glad you can still know the difference. I hope you have good help and support in your difficult journey.


My 70th birthday in April, and l still haven't gotten started again.

Thx. Happy belated birthday my friend. I've struggled through a few of those birthdays with a zero on the end. But I always come back to the deep knowledge that age is just a number. I'm young at heart and I'm convinced you are too based on your content in this site...

@kensmile4u This is truly the only one that has hit me this way. Thanks for the encouraging words Ken. Larry

@Sticks48 Anytime Larry...


The ugly meanness of humanity as whole. I don't understand it. It gets to be too much and I have to put up the no people-ing sign.

Thx. Haha i like this. It seems like some one turned up the cruel and the greedy knobs. I have an idea whose fault it is.

@kensmile4u I don't know but I am ready for it to stop now. Or dial it back .


A really bad gas pain and wow, what a relief when it lets go and that can stop everyone else in their tracks.

Hahahaha It is brave to admit your shreklike powers!


The perpetual tendency of politicians to act in the interests of themselves and their "party", instead of in the interests of the people who elected them.

Thx. I would bet there are several billion people in countries suffering from this type of corruption. Currently we are divided and conquered by the corruption of dark money and the oligarchy that comes with it. I am sick of billionaires getting themselves or their proxies elected so they can socially engineer the system to multiply their fortunes at our expense.


My own nature. You know, the parts I try not to know!

skado Level 9 Aug 19, 2018

Thx. I try to avoid some of those mine shafts because it's dark and I don't know how deep the fall is.

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