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Need I say more.

TristanNuvo 8 Aug 20

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Thanks to advances in errant and misguided endeavors, . . .


That says volumes for trial and error. I no longer call them mistakes, I now refer to them as learning experiences.


Good point. I should be a guru.


Other people’s advice seldom carries any weight in regard to mistakes. Our own experience of trial and error is the only thing that influences our actions. We always believe than we can do better than others who have failed at a task.....this is human nature.

This is painfully true in regards to one's children.


But you have to be pretty smart in order to be able to recognize that something was a "stupid stuff" and to learn from mistakes you made in the past. Stupid people tend to do the same "stupid stuff" again and again.

They are merely fools who do that and never learn from their mistakes. If they expect a different result each time they repeat the same mistake, then that is a more serious condition called madness.

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