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Vienna , Austria’s Capital comes top in survey of world’s most liveable cities. The Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EUI) has just published its annual survey of the world ‘s most liveable cities and for the first time a European City has topped the rankings. A worldwide league table ranks 140 cities on a range of factors including political and social stability, crime, education and access to healthcare. The Austrian city Vienna has beaten Australia’s Melbourne to be named thecwirkd’s most liveable city. Melbourne had previously come top for 7 years running. The rankings are:-

  1. Vienna
  2. Melbourne
  3. Osaka
  4. Calgary
  5. Sydney
  6. Vancouver
  7. Tokyo
  8. Toronto
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Adelaide

Damascus in Syria unsurprisingly tops the league for the least liveable cities.

I note with regret that no United Kingdom or United States cities get a top ranking.

Marionville 9 Aug 20

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I love Vienna. As well as a few others on the list.

Yes it is a beautiful city, very elegant. I have just realised that I have been to most of the places on the list too. Only the two Japanese ones to visit then!


Or Dublin Ireland which I understand featured highly on several similar surveys previously....

They are ranked 34th, the highest in the British Isles. They rank higher than all UK cities.


Have always heard Australia is the best place to live in the event of a nuclear event because of the trade winds.

Well they have 3 cities in the top ten, so even without that factor they seem to be doing something right!


Vienna, good memories. Living in Beigium, used to flight to Vienna to get a rental and drive to Czech republic or Hungary. People was nice and I remember how eager they were always to speak English

Good memories!


Define “liveable”. It’s too darn cold there in winter.

I think people who live in the desert don't have much perspective on ok weather.. just saying

That all depends on what you are used to I suppose. Some people prefer the contrast of very cold winters to hot summers, and love snow and ice. Not me, I must admit,


Vienna was very nice I went last year. But to get good food you need to go to an italian restaurant.

I can’t really disagree with go to food is always always Italian, however I do know Vienna and have eaten a few good meals there, and of course Vienner Scnitzel is exactly the same as Coteletta Milanese! I know my way around a menu in any language!

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