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A good friend gave me this panda bear for my birthday last year. It's filled with an organic rice type of matter. I put it in the microwave for 60 seconds and it warms up and then I place it on my neck when it gets sore from overexertion. If the heat doesn't relax the muscle and it seems more like inflammation, I put the poor guy in the freezer for 20 minutes and then put him on my neck. Either way it works really well. But as I watch him turning around on the Carousel of the microwave, I get a little feeling of nausea. I'm microwaving a panda bear! ...a cute little black and white baby panda bear.

Who thought up this twisted Medical Aid? đŸ˜ĩ

SukiSue 8 Aug 20

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We could also market a "Corporal Bonespurs" one....a really, really FAT, UGLY One!


Should've posted a live video, I would've fallen out of bed laughing ?

That's funny I did try! But the dark tinting of the door wouldn't let the camera see the bear inside. ☚ī¸


They do work wonders...

That's for sure!


Lol... That is a strange and twisted sight. I wonder if they thought about this when they designed it.


Fry that rascal.


Go ahead and cook it. lol


You have to admit, it does look pretty funny. ?


Panda bears are an evolutionary dead-end anyway. Their chosen diet will not sustain them forever.

But it's still kind of sad to microwave them! ☚ī¸

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