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Our chickens have finally gotten big enough this past week to move into their new home, the chicken coop. They were left in there for three days so they came to know it has home. The day before yesterday, my daughter opened the door and they timidly looked out. Some fell out, or rather they were pushed by other chickens attempting to get a better look. Each time, they immediately flew back inside. Yesterday, they again primarily looked out at the world in the morning, but a few did venture out for a few minutes. In the afternoon, however, they all ventured out and discovered wonderful things like crickets and bugs to eat. A monarch butterfly came by, which startled them. The alarm was sounded and the all crouched down, attempting to hide.

I'd planned to take my gals (daughter & DIL) out for dinner that evening, when I discovered the chickens had learned a new game. They were playing a version of "keep away" where they would run under the coop, then out the back or sides to avoid being put back into the coop at night. It was comical like the old keystone cops silent movies. The chickens were too quick for just the two gals, so I got out a leaf rake and gently waved it around beneath the coop, denying the chickens of that space while the gals eventually cornered and put the remaining chickens back in the coop.

TheAstroChuck 8 Aug 20

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Why’d the chicken run under the coop? To stay on the outside hahahha



My Chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl and peacock are afraid of their own shadows. My turkeys follow me and a couple of them let me pet them.

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