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I laughed so hard at some of the posts today, I snorted. You guys have made me a snorter. You're gonna get me in trouble. ?

indelible 7 Aug 21

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Try yodeling it might be a tad louder but then nobody can punish you for snorting.



I knew you'd appreciate that!


Speaking as a snorter myself... welcome to the club. 😉


As long as you don't do it all over your keyboard !


You've been made a snorter? Sad that the potential had to remain hidden so long. Course, now that the secret's out, probably means it can be summoned once things get going, like in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, "Release the snorter!"

I'll bet you're right!


Glad you're enjoying the comments. I do also


Glad you are having fun.

At age 10, I was having dinner at a friend's fancy house down the street. With an immaculate home, her parents insisted on perfect table manners. Their tense dining atmosphere wasn't as relaxed and fun as my family.

While I was drinking milk, my friend whispered something funny. I snorted and milk came out my nose! I wanted to die on the spot.

Her parents looked at me with disgust. I didn't know what to do.

Placing my napkin over my ruined dinner, I ran to the bathroom to clean up. It was mortifying to return to the table. Her parents viewed me with scorn.

This taught me to be kind, gracious and helpful during dining mishaps.

Even better than milk is soda -having those bubbles burst in the back of your sinuses is something you don't soon forget.


Will never forget how much it burned! That sounds terrible.

Luckily, my mother never let us drink soda pop.

raises hand...chocolate milk...7th grade, at lunch, junior high. That was pretty.


Just don't bray.

I had a boss who brayed for very long. Half of the office would disappear so they can crack up on him.


snorting means you are really having a good belly laugh...the best kind!

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