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Alright now I am God and in my wrath I've decided to create a new hell worthy offense...What should it be?

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josh23452 7 Aug 21

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Speaking ill of Zeppelin or the Stones.


Getting a job as a clown


Leaving tea bags on a saucer on the draining board instead of putting them in the bin like any decent, god-fearing person would do.

Jnei Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

Not picking up dog poop.

Good ones.


Not picking up dog poop.

Ok that one I can consider.


If you were going to drive faster....then, dammit, drive faster. Jerk.


But, what is really really really the worst....are asshats that bring 7 year olds to R rated movies and force the rest of us to listen to it talk, whine, complain, and cry when the movie gets scary.

I think that falls under option 2 sir.. and in defense of one it's hard to do when jackasses decides they wana pass you before you change lanes.

@josh23452 not a sir......

@SkotlandSkye apologies madem


•<-------------- that was the point

                                         -------------->● all of y'all so far.

"Truth is not Truth" Rudy Guliani, August 20 2018 on MSNBC


No more political bashing, there are better things to think about. Punishment will be a 1 million gigavolt electric shock to your smallest toe for every infrastructure.


Neither! I propose the new offense be anyone who rejects scientific fact because it contradicts their religious beliefs

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