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Based on my hearing periodic comments and a stereotype that seems almost ubiquitous, I affirm that intelligence, wisdom, erudition, are all super sexy. Nobody ever in any way act in some way contrary to showing your full potential just because some lackluster fools are intimidated. Intelligence is the sine qua none of sexiness and the brain and pabulum for it are aphrodisiacs.

Skeptic66 7 Aug 21

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As a bit of a sapiosexual, I feel attracted to intelligent men with a great sense of humor. Fitness is also important.


High IQ people can be some of the most rude, misogynist, obnoxious people on earth, as is often illustrated on this forum.
Still, I remain a sapiosexual, for those rare people who are both intelligent and easy-going.

I don't think I'm one of them, just want to be around one.

I concur that intelligence is not directly related to morality/ethics, yet without it, there is little as well.


I find wisdom, brilliance to be super sexy. Respect is earned, so yes, respect is too but paired with genuine intellectual capabilities.


It's not so much that brilliance is sexy, as it is that a distinct lack of it is a definite turn-off.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 21, 2018

Nerds rule the world.


I prefer that it be respected, rather than viewed as sexy.


Let's hear it for sapiosexuals!!

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