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COHEN CREDIBILITY...for those of you who are faced with allegations that Michael Cohen has no credibility...use the age old argument used by prosecutors: "When you prosecute the Devil (Trump), you have to go to hell for your witnesses"
A bunch of guys are committing crimes, and they are all liars, but the guy they are doing it for is a saint? Maybe it was just god's plan smile001.gif
By the way, when someone is accused of being a "rat," the stigma is NOT that they are lying, it's that they broke the trust of their friends or co-conspirators smile001.gif

By lerlo8
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The people still defending Trump aren't reasonable, using reason to get through to them is like trying to destroy an asbestos blanket with fire since you burn everything else.

Does that assume they were reasonable beforehand? smile001.gif

@lerlo Unknown information, all you know now is that they are not rooting for Trump because they've done their unbiased homework.

Sorry I forget, there is 1 category of people who should be voting for Trump, Racist Selfish Millionaire Executives/Investors. If you're not in every portion of that group and you're still supporting Trump, you're simply uninformed and voting with bias over logic.


Trump's end is getting closer and closer. And it could not come soon enough!

david7wk Level 6 Aug 22, 2018

don't hold your breath


There's a criminal in the White House. We've known all along.


People can question Cohen's credibility if they want, but Cohen has audio recordings.

Same with Omarosa.

And if they really want to start getting into credibility, fine. Let's talk about Donald the sociopathic liar Trump. Srsly?

mcgeo52 Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

The final act in the play about the unravelling of Agent Orange, the Siberian Candidate, the US Benedict Arnold of the modern era, has begun. It will not be pretty, but may it be righteous.

David1955 Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

So close to Bingo!

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