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Omg!!!! I almost hit the biggest deer I've ever seen!!!! She was as tall as my car and faster than lightning I was SO SCARED that beast would have killed me AND my SUV aaaaah!


LadyAlyxandrea 8 Aug 22

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That sounds like a moose. I'm glad all is well.

JimG Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

It was an Elk apparently. They've started showing up in Kansas I guess

@LadyAlyxandrea they have been reintroduced here. They are impressive, but a big cow might be top 400 pounds. Bulls are even bigger.

@JimG trust me the cow I almost hit was probably 400


Wait till you see a moose.


Whew !!! Glad there was no collision.

Ohub Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

Me too, especially after I just spent 3k getting my car fixed


You have to watch for those guys they just show up out of nowhere. We have elk here which are even larger. They rock at car, we even had a plane hit one, set the. Plane on fire almost killed four people. Luckily they saw it coming and escaped without harm.

Apparently we have elk now too. It was an elk

@LadyAlyxandrea The difference between an elk and a deer is great , 200 lbs vs 5-600 lbs. Deer are usually in small groups 1 -3 or four, mother with her fawn, elk are herd animals, look at the pictures on my home page.

@dalefvictor according to photos it was an elk. Giant deer-like but taller than my suv, I only saw one, but per herd animal logic there were more somewhere

@LadyAlyxandrea just because they are usually seen in herds does not mean one could not have been by itself.

@LadyAlyxandrea good thing it was not a bison, would be like hitting a concrete wall. They are big.

@dalefvictor yeah that'd have been bad lol


Are you sure it wasn't an elk? In a contest between and elk and a car, whether or nto the elk survies, the car is almost invariably totaled. Even a large SUV. I heard of one case where and elk charging down a hill hit a van from teh side and the van broke in half. You were probably very lucky you missed it.

Apparently elk have started showing up in kansas and apparently it was an elk. Great. Even bigger deer to worry about lol

@LadyAlyxandrea Hmm. Elk generally prefer wooded areas near a water source... At least in Kansas you can probably see them coming a ways off as the land is so flat there.

BTW, i fyou see an elk, don';t approach it. They will (randomly and apparently for no reason) attack and stomp you! They are also quick. It is best to walk away (quickly) before it notices you.

@snytiger6 there is actually a lot of wooded dense areas with creeks, and we're aren't as flat as everyone believes lol I mean yeah we are flat but have you seen nebraska? We have more hills than there lol

@LadyAlyxandrea My far right wing religious brother lives in Kansas. I'e never been out there. He tells me though that if you stna don top of a ladder you can see into every surrounding state.

@snytiger6 that's quite an exaggeration. Look up pictures of the flint hills. We have a large hill called Coronado heights near my house with a small castle on top that you can see MAYBE 60 miles out from the top.

Don't get me wrong we are really flat but there ARE hills and some are impressive.


Driving home last year, we were interrupted by what I first thought was a deer. 30+ minutes later, the parade of elk finally finished. Loved it!

Yep it was an Elk I almost hit


Deer are a constant problem on our island as nobody hunts them so they aren't afraid and will walk out right in front of your car. My cousins live further north so they don't worry about the deer, they worry about the moose.

Apparently now elk are in kansas so now we have deer AND elk

@LadyAlyxandrea I almost lost two friends from high school who were driving out west for summer work when they hit a moose on the highway at night. Patti wound up in hospital for a month and Jeff almost didn't make it, took him a year of physio to walk unassisted.


This is on Amazon ASIN B000CC4O58 I have these on my car gets the deer attention.

Oh we've tried everything. The ones here apparently think they're something attractive


We're overrun with the damn things. Pests.


So, you have suicide deer in Kansas, too. I must admit that I actually prefer them to the suicide moose around here, they not only completely right off your vehicle but can easily take you with them. Glad you were not hurt.

My father has hit 12 deer in 10 years and gone through 9 cars.

However this was actually an elk, which I've never seen before in kansas

@LadyAlyxandrea You are a lucky lady that can be almost as bad as a moose hit. You may now be famous for killing the first elk in Kansas. Here in Alberta the elk have been spreading eastward on to the plains as well.

@HeathenFarmer ah yes my sister lives near Yellowstone and sees many a moose. If my elk is a giant forest horsey a moose is a giant forest clydesdale


I imagine faerie queens of the Seelie court would have rode those suckers into battle BIG BIG GIANT FOREST HORSE

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