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My, doesn't my sidewalk look great today! he's sooooooo grown up! 😉

SkotlandSkye 8 Aug 22

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Not only do I happily not have kids, I don't even have sidewalks on my street ! Yay !


I'm not sure I understand this 😟

all the parents are posting photos of their kids standing on the sidewalk by the road waiting for the school bus...oooing and awwwwing about how big they are....and how grown's sarcasm 😉

@SkotlandSkye I figured it was sarcasm. I missed the pics of the kids. I didn't know if you were happy they were all in school or what exactly. Thanks for the wink and the clarification.


Wow, you have a sidewalk l! 🙂

They grow up so fast..... +++sob+++


My community has no sidewalks

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