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This is so true. How many just get into heated arguments and don't know the difference between a debate and a fight. We have too many assumptions being passed back and forth in both of these topics and being civil with each other is almost not even heard of anymore.

mistymoon77 9 Aug 22

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Agree 100%. Debate is so much more constructive and informative than argument.


I can stomach an actual argument. That breaks down when neither side can agree on a premise, though.

Learned that a long time ago in a class called Critical Thinking.


I don't argue anymore..


Agree, it seems trivial but it is not...


A civil discussion requires two people with actual, factual information to support their position. When it is fact against faith, there in no room for discussion. Peace is only agree to disagree and drop the topic.

Or not even 'faith' but emotions.

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