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If time travel were real which time period would you go back to? Back to the Future style!!

helionoftroy 7 Aug 22

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I would like to go back and observe the Inca Empire.


No time before indoor plumbing and air conditioning. I guess l am already here.


I'd go forward ten years and hope to find the USA not a dictatorship but mostly that GRRMartin had finally finished publishing his Song of Ice and Fire series so I could pick up the books and read them.


That period when America was last great. Not sure how to dress, as it's a complete mystery to me


18th century Scotland.

wasn't that typhoid fever?

@CallMeDave hot men in kilts!


I'd jump ahead a few years, take notes, then return to this time and start buying stocks and making bets on games and horse races, LOL!


I would go back to Elizabethan England.


Perhaps the 1950's & 60's . I rather like having indoor plumbing . Some of the major illnesses were finding vaccines . There didn't seem to be as many serial killers or mass murders as now . While those periods of time were far from perfect , I think generically speaking , the average life , was in a good place. Didn't have everything we saw advertised , but we had what we needed . The general population wasn't as whiney .


Was thinking sometime before the 2 worlds collided. The theory that the moon and earth were twin planets and they hit each other to form what we have now.

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