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I've been very diverse in companion choices, marriages, boyfriends, dates over my lifetime. Age, race, religion, culture have not been an issue for me. Ive been very fortunate to have such a full life that way. HOWEVER, to be direct, my question is: Are any men on this website creeped out when an older woman shows interest in you or flirts with you or messages you??? Be honest no judgement here.

Martie1965 6 Aug 22

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Nope. Wouldn't bother me at all.


I'm flattered really. So far such interest has been reciprocal. Should the occasion arise where I am not interested in the flirter I trust it will be resolved maturely.

I just saw your in Geneva Oh. I used to spend Memorial Weekend up there every year when I was in my 20's. Bikers Paradise. Such a good time!

@Martie1965 Small world! Yeah Thunder on the Strip is coming up in a few weeks. Bikers everywhere for about 4-5 days to closeout the season.

@JeremyTaylor yep. I'm in Tampa now. But I was born in Cleveland and lived their for 40 years. A group of us would drive out to Geneva on the Lake. A few of us had bikes, and just had a blast!

@JeremyTaylor Next many come down here to Daytona, for Biketoberfest !


It would not creep me out in the least. The creepy messages are the FaceBook friend requests or Twitter follows from very young Russian women.


Creeped out but older women? No.

Creeped out by women who are theists. Yes. I make it very clear that I do not tolerate theists in a potentially intimate relationship.


I'll let you know if and when an older woman shows an interest in me other than the restraining orders they keep sending me. I swear I've never even been to Oregon.


Oh, I'm fine with that.


I would imagine there would be some, but my experience has been the opposite. I've been approached here mostly by younger men. Age hasn't really mattered much at this site.


I have not done it so I don't know for sure. It would be interesting to know!

Give it a try young lady!!! ?

@Martie1965 young lady! Good one!


I doubt it..I'm pretty old..65, yet young men here (and many other places) have asked me if I'd be interested in them.

Sometimes, though, young men like an older woman because she would be likely to have a house, good income, and they can relax and be taken care of. In my case, when my kids' friends message me to hit on me and ask if they can come to Thailand, I tell them that they can't live with me, and that I won't sleep with them, so they disappear.

You are my hero ?


While I've read that many men like the idea of a woman approaching them , I find if I say so much as , "Hi ," to a man , or smile , or send an e-mail , I tend to get comments like , I'm gay , or married , or I've got a girlfriend , or something about age , or something about money , with no information about me , whatsoever . There is , however , a older woman ,younger man group on here you can join , if you're interested . Perhaps they'd be more open .

I think I may be too bold or too intimidating or too something on here. Idk ?

@Martie1965 I don't think it's you . I think that , in spite of what they say , in general , a man's reaction to a woman approaching them under any circumstances , is either he backs away , or he figures she's a hooker .


If I was the age where YOU would be older, then no.

Awwwww. Thank you.

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