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This could a good perplexing question for a religious type. According to the text in the book of lies, nirvana (heaven) is up and hades (hell) is down. So when you leave the planets atmosphere and enter space there is no up or down. Does this mean that these places of myth only exist on planets?

azzow2 9 Aug 23

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No, it’s metaphor. They are orientations that exist in our psychology. When we feel good we say we are “up”. We speak of being depressed as “down”.

skado Level 9 Aug 24, 2018

Don’t go confusing my dogma with logic! ?


Here's what I think is the best picture of the world in the mind of the people of the ancient Near East. Sheol is the equivalent of Hades, later converted to Hell.

I love Terry Prachette's Disc World . I love the puns and his witches . His disc rests on the back of four elephants , who are standing on a tortoise that swims through space .

@Cast1es LOL, those must be the pillars! I wish I had read his books. I've seen a couple of his stories done on TV and found them intriguing. You can see if you click on the little image in my post that the earth is a disk.

@brentan hat brought it to mind .


It means , many centuries ago , when humans were trying to explain things they didn't know , in terms they could understand , they spoke in a way that made sense , to them , at the time .

Once they knew the earth was the center of the universe and that it was flat. We could think why have so few of us evolved (nonbelievers) and the one still adhering to cult-like behavior still repress society

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