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Am I the only one who thinks drug money shouldn't be seized? Taxed sure, drug kings pay a lot of it. I mean it isn't stolen, it was exchanged for a good. We that weed, cocaine, clothes or soda it's still money being exchanged for something. Churches money isn't seized.

DragonDust 6 Jan 18

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I think that it is an example of the government over-reaching. Any time the government takes money or possessions from private persons, there is substantial abuse. That's why it is in the constitution, due process and all.

Honestly, the "war on drugs" is simply there to divert our attention from more important inequalities in society, such as distribution of wealth.


It must be noted that 'assets' have been seized, money doesn't change shape after being used to pay for drugs.


I believe drug is Not a victimless crime. I sold drugs in high school, not interested on profit just on get classmates high. Still to think there are no victims and deaths in the profit of drugs is Ridiculous. I am not going to argue what government fails to do or wrongfully do. What a drug pin is entitled to for his enterprise. I am not jesus turning the tables in the market either. I just not a participant anymore and feel a lot of better because of it physical, mental, morally. You guys go ahead knock yourselves out.


I think all the drugs should be decriminalised. Quality controlled and taxed. People less likely to kill themselves unintentionally, violent gangs etc. taken out of the loop.


I will never condone the legalizing of cocaine, opiates, meth or any similar substance.

Too late. Heard of Oxycodone? Or as you'd know it Oxycontin.


all drugs should be decriminalised


I think actual drug money should be seized but not all possessions and money etc. Insanity but welcome to shithole America

You can get everything seized if you like went to high-school with suspected let alone confirmed drug dealers.

There is no such thing as drug money.


The legality of ownership of assets of illegality aside, many U.S. states' police are profiting off property from unconvicted suspects:




I think Drug money could be seized, But only if proven to come from commerce proven to involve drugs. The Government can seize virtually all your assets if your some guy with a 1/4 pound of weed or growing a few plants, The government can take your house, your car, and just about everything else. Also the level of proof needed is far below criminal standards and its up to a judge not a jury. There are so many cases of Government overreach it is very disturbing


Well, I guess you are right when drugs are produced in a legal way too. But there is a lot of hazy going on in the drug world. Just as you are not allowed to trade stolen goods, it's not allowed to trade illegal products. If you do, it's logical to me that they take all the profit that is made by the illegal trade. You could ask the question if drugs should be illegal and ditto produced in an illegal circuit. What I do know is that the government and the laws benefit and legalize pharmaceutical drugs, that often are not better than the illegal ones. Often even worse if I see on tv a lot of adds for medication and what risks they provide.

Gert Level 7 Jan 18, 2018

The cops is USA auction off the possessions.

@DragonDust Sure they do, it is presumed that the possessions are the result of the illegal profit (and they probably are right).

@Gert That's the case for non wealth based criminals as well though. And their friends and friends of friends. It is going by school-yard rules... Suspended over a rumour.


I don't think drugs should be illegal. I do think that if you choose to use them and you suffer health problems resulting from excessive use you should have to pay all of your medical bills up front, or require a very expensive insurance plan. So I would agree that drug money shouldn't be taken, just taxed heavily. We spend way too much on fighting the war drugs and it has done nothing but make criminals of innocents, and business men into murderers.


Not sure I understand the question here. Ill gotten gains are forfeit. The way to solve the problem is to regulate drugs so that they can be enjoyed safely and the revenue from them can't be delegitimized. Revenue from otherwise illicit substances is already doing great things in territories where legalization has occurred. It needs to be globally accepted that people will find a way to get what they want and all that bystanders can do is give them a safe environment to explore their vices.

Why are they I'll gotten gains? Stolen? No... A product was exchanged which was also not stolen.
You are right about the vices thing and regulation. There are places you can go to get high in a safe environment so you don't overdose or use a bad needle. What was it... In the case there was only two overdoses in a night around many differen't locations and it was down the street so could have been prevented.
Sorry I'll try to find my citation for exactly what I mean.

@DragonDust I'm assuming that seizure necessitates breaking some existing law. If that is in fact the case any proceeds from such an "exchange" would be considered illegal thus warranting seizure of such proceeds. If there are no laws expressly forbidding the sale or exchange of such products then I wouldn't call it seizure so much as theft.


I like the thought of making all drugs legal. Tax them use the tax money to help people that need it. People are going to use drugs regardless if they are legal or not would solve some problems.

Druglords are taxed. They provide most of the tax in some countries.


I'm okay with that. Start taxing all churches and we can revisit.

That is a lot of backtax and in some cases druglords so to speak do pay tax. In fact they're why we have dates on our milk and public education in some areas.

@DragonDust I said nothing about "backtax".

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