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The documentary Zeitgeist. Ive watched it a couple times and as far as the religion segment, to me, God=the sun. The bible is based on the constellations. It makes perfect sense where this whole "god" idea comes from. The story had to start somewhere and it was way before books and the men to write them. If you havent seen it, it is incredible.

nosey 3 Jan 18

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Sounds interesting. I'll have to check out the movie. I've been known to worship the sun and wine gods from time to time....


I've seen them all and I would need to revisit them because I don't remember a lot of them. Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun God. I always associated the sun with the Devil though.


there is no smoke without fire and I can imagine the first aware humans being completely blown away by something like the sun or moon etc.


Have not watched the documentary. Seems they went out of context what the word zeitgeist means. I have used that word before in construct of a poem. I took it as likes a 60s hippy rubbed off on the kids or a 80s look of punk or goth the generation today would emulate them. Could do many more examples. The point being if they wanted to apply it in religious aspects there would be lots of murders those christians like to put people on crosses and if they think your a witch they dunk you in water then tie you to a pole and burn you to death.


Haven't seen it-will check it out.


Yes, it does a superb job of explaining it, however the part about Jesus being a copy of pagan gods is inaccurate - it's been thoroughly debunked by researchers who know their history.

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