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She was there waiting outside my front door this morning. I’m awake now. Fully. 100%.

I ran full tilt into her web yesterday morning. She moved it off to side last night. I don’t mind spiders, but this is not a good place for her web!!

By Ohub7
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My only one true job according to someone...... kill spiders smile001.gif (Yes, it's an internal joke)

IamNobody Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

Fall is here!


I think her web says she loves you.... in spidese ?

Qualia Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

@Qualia - I don’t know if I like those odds if she loves me !

@Ohub well if you could shape shift I'm betting she'd make it worth your while. Look at her mad exterior design skills smile009.gif

@Qualia She is still there this morning. I named her Zelda.

@Ohub Squeeeeeee!!! Hazza name! smile015.gif


Awww she is fantastic. Sorry you had the creepy web experience. I love orbs!~!!

Qualia Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

I am also thinking that a few well placed orb spiders positioned in front of every door could serve as a theft deterrent !!

Ohub Level 7 Aug 25, 2018

It has a very Marvel type of skull look to the spider, very cool picture! Cross between Spiderman and Punisher.


This is an incredible shot, wow!

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