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Sorry if I've not been terribly active. I took care of my father, who was in home hospice, for nearly a year. He passed away on Monday August 20 and things have been quite hectic with family in and out and final arrangements to be taken care of. There is great grief, but also peace knowing his suffering has ended and he is on to whatever comes next.

Swamplily1970 3 Aug 26

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Grief is inevitable. Peace is a blessing.


Condolences from me too, losing a parent is something we all face and it is never easy. Knowing his suffering has ended will at least be some comfort.


I'm so sorry. Losing a parent is never easy.


So sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to a parent is one of the hardest thing you will have to do. You were very fortunate to have each other in his final year. Love, hugs and peace to you.


Mum died 2 months ago. So very painful. I can only offer you my hugs and tell you that he is in your DNA, and is part of your body and mind. That never goes away or dies.
That way, he will be with you and part of you forever.

Livia Level 6 Aug 26, 2018

I lost my mom 3 years ago. I miss her all the time. Please know it gets better with time and my condolences


I'm very sorry about your loss! If he's in your memory--he's with you, and that's not a cliche!


Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost both of my parents about 25 years ago. I try to concentrate on the good memories. Celebrate his life. Be well.

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