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I am tired of seeing church controlled organisations, such as Aged care, Community services, Disability services and Foster care services in Australia. The standards of care are appalling and the churches are making big profits tax free. I would like to hear other people's thoughts and experiences.

deetee57 4 Jan 18

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Glad we don't have this in the US. Standards of care are not regulated by Federal Govt but by states. I receive Medicare (health care), Medicaid (for Disabled ) and Social Security.

You should explain that, because what I see around me in the US is that the churches have a lot of influence in care. For instance, if you get Social Security if you lose your job, you don't get even enough to pay your rent. Medicare, Medicaid I don't know enough about as I'm still regularly insured. It's the people that just are able to get an insurance with a super high out of pocket limit and a lot of copay. I came from Europe, and the health care there is way more "care" than in the US. In the US it is all about profit. Even in hospitals.

Not in my area-don't get me wrong I can't live on just that. Have my in-laws family living with me paying rent so I can keep my home. Weekly trips to food bank located at a church.


Think that problem is world wide. Theses companies want the elderly money. Put on a big show that the organizations is some answer. When they get them there, they treat them very different than they present originally.


Are there no laws regulating such care where you live? I'm unfamiliar with the specifics of analogous services in the United States, where I live, but my understanding is that these are regulated services and serious shortfalls are criminally prosecuted for negligence and/or abuse. Is that not the case in Australia?

They are regulated and audited, however they know when the audits are going to be done, so they clean up their act short term and go back once the process is over


The standard should be the same regardless if it is for profit, non for profit, government, or church based. Standards are intended to safeguard the product or service or end user if something is vital enough to be in a standard than it does not matter who is making the product.

If the government passes a law saying all daycares need sprinklers it doesn't matter what type of daycare. The fire doesn't care and the fire doesn't take it into consideration. Same with seatbelts you can be a heretic a saint, a sinner, a heathen it doesn't matter your ass is going thru that windshield if you don't wear your belt, physics doesn't care.

To summarize I don't see why a religious program shouldn't be held to the same standards. What is good enough for the government is good enough for a church. The law must be an evenhanded as laws of physics are.

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