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How about deporting every clery member guilty of abuse to the Vatican and placing them on a watch list so that they can never travel outside that city. How many people would be visiting the Vatican when it's fit to burst with paedophiles and murderers?

Josephine 7 Aug 27

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There was no Vatican City prior to Benito Mussolini who aquiessed to the Pope's request in order not to interfere with fascism. There should be no Vatican City, no pope, no Catholicism. Aberrant.

@Josephine When I visited the Vatican the most shocking issue for me was the unbridled wealth. Just lock it up with all of their pedophile priests & sypathizers.


It won't happen overnight but the writing is on the wall. The world keep awaking little by little every day


I think they should be in prison but this is a good second option.


The velvet prison that is a very good idea.


I know it may be barbaric but I truly believe that a convicted pedofile should be castrated I guarantee you it would fix the problem

@Josephine okay I Googled it and it doesn't cure it but it can help one person who was castrated said it took the edge off and he felt like he was on vacation because he didn't have to think about it all the time definitely not a cure but a step in the right direction in some states It's actually an option offered by the correction department

@Josephine Lobotomy might be effective. ala John Kennedy's sister.

@Countrywoman. Yeah that lobotomy thing works for me

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