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A few months back Trump was bashing Canada and young Mr. Trudeau. I happened to be in the Vancouver BC area and as I checked into my hotel for the night I apologized to the desk staff for Trump's actions. In my entire 71 years, traveling the world, I have never done such a thing. The next morning I decided I MUST work to remove this man from office. No more thinking he might learn something about his responsibilities. It was along sad drive back to southern Washington.

Donwhy 6 Aug 27

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I’ve heard several stories about people who feel the need to apologize for Trump while visiting other countries.


I'm a 9th generation Canadian who has 3 adult children living in the US, I worry, a lot. I would say that most Canadians are trying to be understanding about this orange buffoon in the white house but frankly we are still scratching our heads about how Americans elected him in the first place. Please clean up this pile of dog shit on the rug, it's nasty and it smells.

I ask the same thing. I couldn't understand how trump had so many supporters when his campaign wreaked of 1930s Germany. All he did was tell the people what they wanted to hear and blamed their troubles on people they didn't like. History does repeat itself, that's why studying history is so important. I never thought a copy of the 3rd Reich would be established in the United States.


I lived in Europe for about 10 years and was almost always being asked to explain the behavior of one president or another. Whether it was cigars, drones, or some other form of aggression, I was fortunate enough to project a more relaxed posture that suggested very little in common with our leader of that time. Still, some were definitely more embarrassing than others.


I was traveling the world during the W years. I kept my passport hidden and claimed to be Canadian when anyone asked. So I totally get it.

the American pretending to be Canadian over seas is still a common ploy.

@NoMagicCookie Probably even more now.

That was my plan if I ever went traveling. I would say I was Canadian.


I’m a Canadian living in Texas and I’m disgusted daily to see how this idiot treats his own people in a country that has become my home, let alone the embarrassment he is for America to the the rest of the world.

I know a few Americans who would love to move to Canada thanks to Trump.

@NoMagicCookie I know I do. It wouldn't be totally because of trump, but he is a major reason why I want to relocate to Canada. I just feel the United States doesn't work for the people anymore and only works for the very wealthy. This doesn't feel like my own country anymore. I have relatives that came here from Canada many years ago, so maybe it's time for the lineage to return home.

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