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I heard the Salvation Army are saving 'fallen women'.......
I rang them and asked if they could save me a couple of 18 year old Orientals.......
Bastards told me to fu*k off......

Ostopal 6 Aug 28

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Do you get a discount if they're damaged?


Sin is enjoyable but exotic sin is delightful.


The Salvation Army free from sin, went to heaven in a corn beef tin.....that was the words to an irreligious song I used to sing as a child! Can’t remember the rest.....anyone else know it?

@Ostopal Thank you, I can’t see the version I sang, but maybe it was just local to Edinburgh.


Saving fallen women. Could we experiment with that?

When I fell and broke my arm I wish someone had been there to save me!


Low rent humour


Kind of thought that's what you had in mind . But then I guess they meant for you to do a DIY .

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