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Bill O'Reilly is told the truth about Mollie Tibbetts.

kmdskit3 8 Aug 28

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Oh and her family came out against using her name as a play against immigrants. Their statement hit strongly on how the problem is not immigrants but men who don’t know how to accept “no” for an answer.


Maybe he was illegal but he was employed by the same farm for 4 years. They never used E-Verify but yet the farms owner is running for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, go figure. That is what the story should be. It's big business hiring people that are not verified that keep people coming here.
When there is a raid at the packing plants they find many undocumented workers, the companies know they are undocumented, where is there liability?

Your comment is an important issue but it is not what this post is about. The xenophobic and racist are using this one crime to demonize all latino undocumented workers. Why can't we do the same thing for other folks? Does the suburban (or rural?) 'white' man who killed his entire family in Colorado recently represent all or even most US males who look like him? This undocumented worker's crime being used to demonize all undocumented workers is an attempt to justify xenophobic and racist government policies. This crime is more about sexual politics than undocumented workers.


Yes, they finally found an immigrant who killed a white woman and they will be re-telling that story while dozens of other women are killed by their romantic partners.

Yep. Like that guy out in Colorado who killed his whole family.

@kmdskit3 and all the media coverage is beautiful sunlit pictures of him with his family and how everyone loved him ?


He is a total ass! Why is he still making public comment!


Heather Anne Campbell told the truth about Mollie Tibbetts.


Maybe now he'll tell the truth about all the native white guys shooting up schools and theaters and malls. Fucking right wing assholes.

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