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Just got back from a 1600 mile ride up the California, Oregon coast beautiful ride 55° to 65° F.

Tommylee64 5 Aug 28

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I did that in 1990. Santa Barbara to Seattle and back again. It was great.

BD66 Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

Beautiful, indeed, but that would be a little chilly for me. I am kind of a baby and prefer that it be 72° or more.


I have very fond memories of Highway 101, over to Eugene and then on up I5 to Seattle. We had travelled from Seattle to Disneyland via I5 and I wanted to see the Pacific Coast in case I never got the chance again.


Nice bike. It's been to smoky for me and my lungs to ride. I am happy for ya🙂

The coast was clear but took I-5 back and it was really bad in a couple spots.


101, 1, 5 are all good. It’s a great trip all the way to Vancouver, B.C. U.S. West coast is one of the most beautiful trips you will ever take!

I absolutely agree!


Sounds like you had fun!

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Thanks for the info.


A little on the cool side but its fine if your dressed properly. That looks like a Harley Street Glide, nice bike. I ride a Road Glide myself.

When can I ride a Heritage Classic Soft Tail.

It was perfect for me being a ginger... the sun is my enemie. 😉
Yea it's a street glide and it's my first, all street bike

@Leutrelle I used to ride a Harley Fatboy Boy which is pretty much the same bike as the Heritage but now that I’ve owned and ridden the Road Glide I’ll never go back to the Softails as the Road Glide is a lot smoother riding bike.

@Leutrelle The Heritage is a nice handling bike, just a little bit of vibration at higher speeds particularly above 80 MPH. So your a bike rider? I love to ride my Road Glide. I’ve road it 25,000 miles since 2015 when I bought it.

@Trajan61 I rode one and I really couldn't tell much of a difference. I never road a Fat Boy.

@Trajan61 I love riding, but my health has slowed me down. It has been so smoky that I haven't been out out of the house. I do like speed and 80mph and above is no problem. I did lower it two inches.

@Leutrelle Maybe my Fat Boy was a little different than your Heritage but it was not as smooth particularly at higher speeds. Maybe we can get together for a ride sometime. I like the long bike rides.

@Trajan61 That is sure a possibility🙂 I have tell that these days 250 miles is along ride for me now.

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