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Nah, I don't think so.

HippieChick58 9 Aug 28

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Well... at least it is a step in a positive direction


This is a great trolling costume.


Well clearly she's not a Saudi woman who, until literally weeks ago, couldn't legally drive a car, and probably still can't in practice without her husband's permission.

However ... Saudi Wahhabism is a fairly extreme fundamentalist case. The other side is that for example most US Muslims are well above average in income and below average in crime involvement, they are (or were, before we started radicalizing them by treating them shamefully) very liberal people and valued contributors to our communities. I suspect those people love equality, and project that love onto their deity, as this woman is no doubt doing.


During Desert Storm, we were able to walk around in several Muslim communities and never once did someone disrespects us quite the opposite in fact. Many would invite us to eat with them we would talk about our different cultures together. So when I hear that Muslims are hateful people I do not know where people get this information from. Other than the media helping people draw this conclusion.


Whatever Allah is supposed to love... If only the majority of Muslim population was more like this friendly woman, and fewer angry young men...


Since when?????!!!!!!


Me neither!

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