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What do you guys say to people at funerals?

AbramH85 6 Aug 29

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It depends which funerals and which people.

The last funeral I went to was a real laugh. We took the piss out of the deceased, told humerous anecdotes about his life and had right good piss-up afterwards.

And he wouldn't have expected anything else.

The one before was a more sombre occasion, an elderly neighbour, but also a celebration of his life.

And no mention of any sort of god at either.


'I'm so sorry,' and 'Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.'


I'm sorry...


I say I am very sorry and that I hope that good memories of the loved one will bring some comfort to the bereaved as they learn to cope with the loss. I share any good memories I may have of the deceased.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

As little as possible


It depends on how well I knew the descended and the family. Funerals are one place where I do not voice my lack of belief, out of respect for those who do believe and are mourning.


Where's the bar? 😉

I was thinking, "is there an open bar?"... although half jokingly.


He looks like he's asleep.

"He has died, passed on, is no more, has ceased to be, expired, is bereft of life, pushing up daisies, kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!"

"God bless" fellow agnostic John Cleese!


Sorry for your loss.


Dead person was awesome and I will miss them, I love you and if you need anything I am here for you.

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