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The sad state of education in the US

HippieChick58 9 Aug 30

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This is a very good example of fake news. This is an April's fool newspaper article written a while ago, way before current political turmoil.


People do believe the biggest B.S. too often. I've heard evangelical Christians argue the infallibility of the bible, then quote from the King James, which is notorious for being the worst translation. Plus there are multiple bibles, with differing texts. Had an evangelical tell me the trinity wasn't voted on and quoted (at least he knew that) the biblical texts used by those who voted for it. Like, everyone naturally knew about the idea of the trinity, which was first postulated and written about in the 2nd century. People are that stupid. Sorry Great Britain- Brexit; sorry my homeland- Trump.


I'm surprised Fox News didn't pick this up.


Hi there, Saw your profile and just had to say hi.


It's got to be an Australian jokester!


Beyond belief! I hope it's a hoax.

One can hope.

Yeah, it's likely an April's fool article.


I don't know what you people are on about. His logic is as a beacon. Hashtaghebetrollingyo.


Who would publish such drivel? What an idiotic statement; and I thought having a student write about Columbus and Shakespeare together was bad.

Your post reminded of a peer who had a student write, "In the recent future . . ."

Most small newspapers I’d submit to had policies of printing any ‘letter to the editor’ they’d receive.. If I’d make a mistake, they’d generally ‘help me’ fix it. Sometimes, if they didn’t like the ..content of others, they’d print it without corrections. Don’t know where they’d begin to ‘fix’ this one 🙂


Having been an educator, I have found school boards and administration are most likely to screw things up. Lack of parental support is close behind. And I have experienced the big three: public; parochial (yep, trying telling a Catholic they can't use emotion to write a persuasive essay when they want to hit on abortion); and private prep. Also, some time at the college level. Private schools have the most parent involvement. Still, at all levels I have seen administrations really screw up. True story: I was yelled at for reporting sexual abuse. Told the boss to shut up and follow legal protocol. He did; guy got five years; boss apologized for getting emotional, for what that is worth.


While I agree that education is in a sad state--and I am an educator--do not blame this on the school system. I had a college student who wanted to write a paper about Noah's ark being a sound argument for a topic; I cannot even remember what it was. I let him know in a rough draft that The Bible does not constitute research or a factual, academic source. You guessed it: the final draft had the info about Noah's Ark.

Schooling often cannot overcome what students are taught at home and church and while the ignorant can learn, the willfully ignorant and the stupid cannot.


Wow ... still laughing ....don’t blame that on the school systems 😀 There’s a level of dumb that’s apparently incurable ~

Varn Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

Not related to US education — this is from Australia (I had to Google CSIRO)

So did I, but I knew it wasn't a US agency.

Thank You ...I hope we’ve not become the butt of every stupid joke 😕

The guy is on to something. I looked at a globe and australia is on the bottom part. When I boil water, the steam rises. So makes perfect sense, the moisture is coming up to the top part of the globe. That is why it is getting drier in Australia, the moisture is up in China now.


If you took down the outside clocks, you could fool the weather into thinking everything was normal.

There ya go!


Wow. This sounds like people from where I grew up. 'There's no such thing as global warming, look how cold it is this winter.'

Or like...if it rained today and I blamed it on my shirt because the last time I wore this shirt it rained too.


Great point! Why didn't I think of that?


Oh well, that 'splainz everythin' Lucy.....


I have to agree with you . I see really dumb comments all the time . But I think at least a part of it is that , with social media , we're seeing a lot more from the under educated , that we used to see .

Agreed. My semi-literate Christian cousin posted a picture of a Bible that had been in the ocean for hundreds of years. It was crusted with salt, but in perfect condition. I have no doubt that she believed it was a miracle. Without FB, she would have never seen it.

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