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Does penis size make or break the physical relationship?

Vtolable 2 Aug 31

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if it does it wasnt much of a relationship to start with


I don't understand the hypersensitivity and willful ignorance of so many men around this issue. I have a friend who's a urologist and he's told me how he's generally unable to treat Peronie's Disease (curved penis) because all the treatments shorten the penis (not a ton, but some) and most men just won't go there. I said, as long as it's long enough to do the job, who gives a fig? And he said I was literally the first man in months to tell him anything like that.

90% of what a woman enjoys in bed starts well before you get in the sack and therefore the exact size of your penis and its exact geometry (e.g., circumsized or not) is not very important in the great scheme of things.


Good grief, no.
My best lovers were all average.
And the couple guys that were way beyond average, required careful maneuvering to avoid getting hurt , and eliminated anything beyond the basics !


I think most peopel prefer that it at least falls within the range of average.


Absolutely not. Taking care to ensure I have a good time and find pleasure is what matters.


No. Questions about penis size do.


Personal experience from what everyone has to understand that different people have different requirements. I think the best metaphor I could give is. You have a bucket of bolts and nuts of all different thread types and nut and bolt sizes. Going through the bucket looking for a match, take patience and diligence. Trying to find just the right fit.

Yep screwing is a first class metaphor. ?


I've read that some doctors , after delivering a baby , will not only sew a woman up , but will also add what they called a husband stitch . The concept is to make the woman tight for her husband . Unfortunately , without knowing the size of the husband , they frequently make the wife so tight that sex is always painful for her after that . So what the doctor intended to be pleasurable for the husband , tends to lead to no sex at all .

The only thing worse than a God a Chauvinist God Complex..


Over my life, I have had three extraordinary lovers. This had nothing to do with penis size.

What set them apart? They listened and paid attention. Few men really listen to a woman during sex.

These extraordinary lovers were exquisitely attuned to my every reaction. They slowed down when needed. They adjusted their movements to arouse and please me.

I did the same.


I've never had any problems in that dept. but diabetes and ED seem to have worked a magic that is against me now. Always hearing of something new, I'm going to try red Monster pretty soon. No, it is not a pill from Russia.


It shouldn't if you're a passionate lover. If the mood is right and you know what you're doing it really shouldn't matter.

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