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One of the bad things about being on the computer all day is the amount of time I spend scrolling through social media! Totally distracting!

GreatNani 8 Aug 31

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Me too, but I'm on my phone. That's not totally obvious. ?


A tediousness infuser could be your explanation.


I have th day off. Spent it doing the laundry and listening to the rain. And, of coursse, spending quality time on FB and Life is but a dream, Shaboom.


Which is why you are at level 7.2! LOL

Well yes it is! As well as the insomnia that has plagued me lately. But here I am still working and flipping back and forth from Facebook, here and chatting with my family - and a little work!


LOL --- yeah I should get back to work.




This is the only social media I have now. Not so bad.

Me to. Every day, I spend less and less time on FB. I am enjoying the higher average intelligence of most folks on

@tfg1929 exactly good Sir!

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