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Hi all..I haven't been on at all..I was having bad alcohol issues, then not long afterwards my sister(1979-201πŸ€“ died(through alcohol..and she died alone), leaving behind 5 children(mostly young adults), one grandchild and one recently born grandson(she died a couple of months before he was born). everything still feels unreal to me..and I hate saying to people "life is life, and we have to move on"..this has nothing to do with religion nor spirituality.

Paddyola 4 Aug 31

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I'm so sorry for your loss and alcohol issue problems.

Here is some info that might be helpful:

"Research suggests CBD’s positive effects on everything from anxiety management to addiction, with few side effects. Because CBD compounds are similar to chemicals created organically in our own bodies, they may be better integrated into our systems than synthetic drugs."


Link: CBD oil might help keep drug addicts, alcoholics from relapsing, study finds []


Glad you are back. So sorry for your loss. You will be in shock for a while and then you will come back and even though life will go on it will be different. Having suffered loss I empathize. Wish I could help but only you can walk through the tunnel. Sending you good energy.


I could tell you this long story I won't though. If you need advice I have walked that road. I quit my self and it took a lot of personal sorting out. My head is clear and I have a positive attitude.

That is a tough row to hoe . I'm glad you made it and sincerely hope you keep it that way .

@Cast1es My kids are way too important to me to ever think of returning to such a state. Not only that I have even more wild thoughts with a clear head. I am sure you have seen some of my poems most I have written sober.


So sorry to hear! I can’t imagine. If you need to talk I’m here.


Sorry for your loss. Turn your grief into your writing, here you will be supported and understood.

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