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Nothing says Catholic love like a Cardinal telling the victims of sexual abuse by priests to shut their mouths or he's prepared to mess them up even more.

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Not shocking at all. This shit has been going on for a very long time. Lots of preists that have abused minors are "dealt with internally". Maybe they should be "dealt wit internally". except in the way Jared Fogel probably has...


That was a very crude version of 'let him who has not sinned cast the first stone'!


These wolves in sheep’s clothing need to suffer the same abuse. What the hell does he mean by long tails? Nothing like blaming the victims. This church is just one worldwide sexual abuse ring.


Oh, hell no.


When will this cancer be incised? My opinion is that the political clout wielded by the religious is such that it is untouchable. The most vulnerable unprotected against the most predatory.

We need to insist that the doors of this evil religion be shut forever.


Just plain sick. I have a friend, abused in Boston who came out public at 50ish. More than 10 years ago. Finally people are responding to her with kindness as they always should have from the get go.

I hope she finds some solace and some peace of mind.

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