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You know it's been too long when you're watching kid videos with your grandson and the host starts lookin' hot...FFS

slydr68 8 Sep 1

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My first loves were the hosts to children's shows


Ok, but was it Steve from Blue's Clues? Because that's understandable. I mean, whaaaaat? a kid's show host? Inconceivable. Lol


I can beat that. It's been so long for me that the cartoon characters are starting to look hot


This grandma agrees! 🙂


So long as you're not getting turned on by Sponge Bob Squarepants then let your imagination run wild.


Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.


Ha! I've been there.


The lack thereof has been on my mind lately. Just sex is not enough. The fact that I believe in being the responsible parent factor plays a big role in any whim decisions I would make.

@slydr68 I have this thing i am introverted yet extrovert like my ambidextrous of my hands is tied to my personality in a weird way.

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