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Hi all just a food for thought just been reading some other people posts and they have a really good point . How can genuine members of the site protect ourselves against scammers and what to do and look out for it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman . But a short story is that I have nearly been scammed once before as many years ago I was very naive and gullible is obvious now that you do not send money to someone who you do not know I never sent any money so I was the lucky one as I can can tell a scammer a mile away these days just out of curiosity how can other people learn and tell their stories to help others to learn from others misfortune .

Daz1981 6 Sep 2

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Call them out, make fun of them! It is Easy, they take themselves soooooooo seriously! Oh, and lately there seems to be a nasty undercurrent of not let that go un-noticed, either! More divide & conquer before the elections!


It can be easy to spot the not very smart ones, but there are people able to weave a good story and get you hooked. One way to be sure who you are dealing with is to ask for a scan of their government-issued ID, either driver’s license or passport. Another, suggested to me by a friend was to ask for a mailing address and send them a message that they confirm once received. And finally, say you want to meet them, and if they make excuses...beware.


When you get a scammer you should probably report them. The number one rule of course is don't send money or gift cards to somebody you don't know personally.

The Nigerian scammers really aren't all that hard to figure out though. English usage is off for an American, they don't know anything about where they say they live, they don't know anything about what ever job they say they have, (usually civil engineer). They're really easy to trip up with American holidays too.

I asked the last scammer that contacted me if he had plans for the weekend. He said "no, why would he have plans." Ummmm, because it's a holiday and people do stuff on holidays. So then I asked where his kids live and he told me "one lives in Spain and the other one lives in the state." Apparently he had already forgotten he told me he had 3 kids.

There are a lot of non American members and I suspect some of the "tells" we use to figure out if someone is a scammer are not going to be as useful for non Americans.

Yes pay attention to the details. Write them down.


I can tell you tips on how to trip them up. Asking about their school experience they will not be able to give a chronological time of events. Ask about the town they live in, again they can only provide veg details. If you get a photo put it in google images, if it is a scammer photo will come back as a porn star or celebrity I have even gotten photos of ones on the scammer's list. They are not very smart with their conversations either complex vocabulary messes them up as well.

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