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This is apparently my year for losing people. First my good friend a few months ago. Now my ex mother in law after a short battle with liver cancer and associated problems, went into kidney failure and had to go to the ICU. With no hope of recovery, today they're going to take her off the ventilator. The family were all there last night to be together and say goodbye. I was with my ex and our daughter. Everyone was glad I came, which was nice.

They're a very religious bunch but lucky for me nobody started praying together while I was there. That's going to be today, I'm sure. They're waiting for the minister to be there before they let her go. If she weren't on morphine and basically unconscious already I would think that was exceptionally cruel to her. But she's in no pain apparently. I hope not anyway.
Just more proof that religion is for the living, not the dead. I'm going to miss the old girl though. A grand old lady and matriarch of her family.

By Paul47478
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My condolences for your loss.


I'm sorry for your losses.


Most times we are there to welcome people to this earth. It's only a very few that helps other's exit. Both are important. It takes a special person to reassure someone that life will be ok with out them. Not the same. Not how you want..but ok.


Sorry for your loss. I've lost a lot of peeps myself ... it's not a fun process but it's part of life. It gets better.

mordant Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

So sorry for your losses. Condolences to you.

bleurowz Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

I am so sorry for your losses. And yes, when the prayers start do mental algebra. Makes you look devout and keeps you from laughing or hurling.




Sorry for your losses. Stay strong buddy

fear6911 Level 4 Sep 2, 2018

I'm sorry Paul. Hope the good memories and the fact you were present gives you peace of mind in the end.

Qualia Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

So sorry for your losses. Good of you to go to say goodbye.

kltuckmn Level 7 Sep 2, 2018

Your a good man Paul my mother in law was a bitch and her own children were glad when she died . She would have been a trump supporter .

Besalbub Level 7 Sep 2, 2018

Wow. But thanks.


I'm so sorry for your loss.


So very sorry for your losses.
My deepest condolences.

KKGator Level 9 Sep 2, 2018
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