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I am trying to live a minimalist life. I have purged so much and still feel like I have too much. Anyone else trying to live a simplified life? I follow the Minimalist - Joshua Becker I think is his name. I can tell he is a believer but he has managed to keep that out of his blog for the most part.

GreatNani 8 Sep 2

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I am a child of the baby boomers, I was raised to want stuff. I am trying to not get tons of things but I do love my creature comforts. Perhaps one day I can learn to live without my things and just enjoy friends and the beauty that nature offers us on a daily basis.


I have tried both ways, personally I have adopted the Buddhist philosophy of the middle path. Somewhere in the middle, between to much and to little! It works for me.


I am in the process of de-cluttering. Not easy because I have hoarding tendencies. But I applaud the small victories instead of getting discouraged with the big picture. I've already gotten rid of lots of clothes (some donated, the better items sent to an online consignment site - hey, it made me a little money!), gone through piles of old papers/magazines/catalogs, and re-organized my closet and file cabinet. Still have to sort through some other things (books are my biggest weakness!), but yay me!

Such a good feeling. Going slow is fine. Books are my downfall as well.


One of my longer-term goals is to end my packrat ways & clean out my garage. It's tough to maintain consistently, but I'm working on it.

You will be much happier if you do it.

I'm a packrat myself, I can relate.


I'm not doing so well on that front so far....


I had the chore of clearing out a 4 bedroom home, alone. Gave away far more than I can remember.. Stored the rest, then spent 9 months looking for a new home, from the road. Couldn’t believe how content I was in a hotel room, with only the minimal stuff I’d brought along.

Found a house with less than half the square feet of the previous but still needed Penske's largest truck to haul my ‘stuff’ across the nation. Only saved the best, but what’s weird is how little I’ve set out. Half ‘leaving room’ for a mate, or daughter to move in.. the other half being more than happy with a simplified home 🙂

Varn Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

I'm trying to do the same. I've relocated to NY with Dan and left most of my belongings in NH. Will return sometime this month for Fall clothes.


In some ways yes. I don't care about the newest phone that comes out. I just want mine to work! I don't care about the newest do-dads that come out. Most americans have too much crap! A lot if it isn't used or is thrown away within 6 months! We live in a throw away society. We have planned and precieved obsolence. It's either designed to fail so you have to buy new crap, or you think it's obsolete. My dad has a radio from like 1940. It still turns on, but I don't know if it works. He has a microwave from About 1970. Uses it all the time! If the rest of the world consumed as much resources, we'd need something like 5-6 earths.

Maybe you might call me cheap instead of a minimalist... I still wear clothes I had in HS! There are two milti-millionares around here that wear worse clothes than homeless people! Literally. One wears jeans all the time that have been repaired about a dozen times! None have fancy cars. I believe in repurposing things. Recycling, etc. I tend to hold on to things for too long thinking I might need them some day. When I throw something out it seems like the next day I need it! My keyboard went south the other day. I had 4 more. Every one of them didn't work! So I had to break down and buy a new one. 😟 Don't get me wrong, I'm not anywhere as close to anyone on the show Hoarders! My mom is kind of like that, my dad as well. But their parents went through the great depression, so I understand, and it probably trickled down to me.

I know I got on a bit of a tangent, but I don't know if I qualify as a minimalist. I do give away stuff to others that I don't have any purpose for. Also people give me stuff they can't use but I can. Why the hell is everyone trying to give me couches? I keep on telling them no!

Repurposing and giving things to someone who can use them is great. My pet peeve is that when I was young you could get your tv fixed, your toaster etc. Now, no one ca fix them and you have to buy new all the time.

@GreatNani I get you there. A guy around here still does appliance repair. MOST of the time he can't get parts! I bought a mini deep freeze a couple years ago (1.6 cu/ft). Stopped working all of a sudden (no spoiled food, I just had ice cubes in there. lol I asked the applance guy if he could fix or was worth fixing. He asked what was going on, and I said the compressor itself isn't turning on. He said that unless there is a broken wire, don't bother. Just like with window air conditioners, they don't have service ports. You might be able to get a kit to tap into it if it needs a charge. But almost everything is designed to fail, and can't be repaired. There used to be a TV repair shop here when I was young. Same deal. Usually couldn't get parts. My folks bought me a SNES when I was young for my birthday. Worked completely fine until about a year ago (I think it was 1991 when I got it). Only reason it doesn't? One of my cats knocked it off the entertainment stand and the power connector broke. Sad to see that we live in a throw away society.


Often I donate clothes to Goodwill that I don't wear anymore.

One thing I save is athletic gear. Never know when I'll use it again.

"I wish I still had that old REI day pack!" hikers say enviously.

In 1976, I got a lightweight, REI day pack (rucksack). No metal frame. I bring it when backpacking. The next day, it's wonderful for day hikes to higher alpine lakes and ridges. A relief to go without my heavy backpack for a day.

Re-sewed the seams because thread rots. Added loops for typing on gear.

The French conquered the Pyrenees with rucksacks, carrying French bread, salami and cheese!

Yes! Keep what really works for you and get rid of the rest!

Donating is good. However, Goodwill isn't a non-profit organization. I get that you are trying to help someone get something on the cheap you can't use. But on a positive note, they DO encourage people with disabilities (and maybe a criminal record) to work there. But they pay $1 over min wage.


Are you going to get a tiny house as well?

Someone might steal your house in the middle of the night!


I'm forever getting rid of unnecessary items.

I'm very spartan and enjoy minimalism.

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