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Walk away !!! ?

Sheannutt 9 Sep 3

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Just walk away Rene.


Me burning those bridges . . .



I like this - though I think some things need to be faced and conquered !


This is often (but not always) the best outcome. This reminds me a rather pesky theist that got up in face with "DID YOU KNOW JESUS IS THE TRUTH AND THERE IS ONLY TRUTH AND THAT TRUTH IS JESUS AND BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH THAT TRUTH IS JESUS. . . etc. I could have ignored him (walking away was not on option as I was literally cornered in the locker room) but I decided to disassemble/obliterate his assertion. Long story short, after that encounter he never again dare even get close to my space. For a few weeks after he, when he saw me, would cower away and occasionally make a whimpering sound like a dog that had been beaten. I am convinced that had I not completely destroyed him, he would have been in my face day after day trying to sell me his "Jesus is truth".

Would love to know what you said!

@Hathacat It was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ll shorten it up but you will get the just - - - The foundation of his (Jesus is real) argument was that there can be only one truth. To mess with his head I replied, “OK, let’s look at this example”. I held my arm in front of me and told him, Imagine my arm is a long beach front. The area in front of me is the ocean. I am standing where my head is located and you are standing at the edge of my finger. It is night and it is foggy so visibility is somewhat limited. In the ocean between us is a large cruise ship. It is traveling in this direction” I demonstrated movement with my other hand, moving towards his vantage point. “The front of the ship has a live band and happy people are dancing. In the back of the ship there is a terrible fire in the galley and frantic people are working to try to keep the ship from becoming engulfed.

You look out at the ship, you can hear the distant band and laughting and state. Look there is a ship with happy people sailing in my direction. This is your truth statement. I look out at the same ship and I say, There is a ship with frantic people. The ship is sailing away.

My truth is the exact opposite of your truth but we are talking about the same event. Are we both telling the truth? Is the truth the same? Is there more then one truth? Now let’s look at your Jesus truth there are thousands of different religions/sects and they each have their own “Truth” but it’s worse than that, In this hypothetical example, we are actually viewing an event, In you “faith based” (without any evidence to support your assertion) you must depend on the story someone else made up or imagined or thought they observed from their point of view. even it a part of the observation has an element of truth how can you tell which truth actually represents the entire truth of an event - - is your truth accurate - - most people in the world do not believe your version of truth so how can you believe your truth has more truth value then any other religion or lack of religion. I gave him examples of a other religions and how their truth did not agree with his truth . . - - you cold see his smile die as the foundation of his faith based belief system was crumbling. - - - I went on with examples of how those who use faith (belief without evidence) should be aware that their version of “Truth” may not represent the whole picture or be completely wrong as many “truths” are in direct contradiction with other truth’s and reality. . . . etc.

He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer so I did refrain from using words he would not understand.
I’ve used the same (what I consider to be lacking) argument against a few other theists and you would be surprised how this silly example of perspective influencing observation profoundly confuses them.

@NoMagicCookie Love it. I saw a famous (I had heard of him, at least) person talking about why he could not believe there was a god. First up was Childhood cancer. The child has not sinned, so why kill it? The second after they had gotten to why the interviewer should just leave him alone, was "There are 3000 gods with religions right now. You believe with all your heart that your god is the "right" one. That means that you do not believe in 2999 gods. Allow me to not believe in one more."


Great words for living.


Yup, good thing to remember.


Walking is good exercise. Walk away and become a stronger person!


True words Sheannutt! If we could only remember these as we travel through life.

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